Experience Foreign Foods and Cultures with “Around The World”.


Yuki Smith

The China display, which featured packets of Hello Panda, small chocolate biscuits, a type of milk drink, Want Want and many other snacks.

Matthew Watson, Staff Writer

Students ate an assortment of cheese, pork, and beef pupusas, as well as samosas with cups of sweet or spicy sauces alongside, at the Spanish table. They ate at the first “Around the World” event at the Campus Center on Nov. 21.

The event was Montgomery College’s culture day. It was led by two-year student, Olivia Dantzler, who serves as the Chair for the Campus Activity Board. The Board plans events similar to “Around the World” year-round, and serves to help represent different cultures of the students that attend Montgomery College.

“I heard about this event through flyers being passed [in the cafeteria] by people organizing the event,” noted a three-year student. “It’s nice that they have displays of people that represent Montgomery College. I liked the English chocolate oranges the most.”

“I’ve learned that students are very grateful for their country and where they came from,” said Dantzler, “I expected very few [people]. It’s important to them because we’re educating them on other people’s cultures.”

Patricia Claire Libongco, first-year student and member of Student Senate, helped work on the display for China, which featured packets of Hello Panda, small chocolate biscuits, Want Want (a type of milk drink) and many other snacks.

“Montgomery College is a really diverse community, so I feel we should all take initiative of that and share our culture,” noted Libongco. “I also think that having events for students in general is essential because we’re not a four-year university. Montgomery College really differentiates themselves by making events like this and having a Campus Activities Board in order to plan such events.”

Maeva Kepgang, President of Student Senate, was also in attendance of the event. “Most of the time, students [in] community colleges just come to school and then go home, and I feel having events like these are important to get them more involved and have more fun during college years.”

For any questions concerning future events held by the Rockville Campus Activities Board, be sure to contact [email protected].