Review: The Judge (2014)


The Judge image still: Warner Brothers Entertainment The

“The Judge”, directed by David Dobkin and starring Robert Downey, Jr and Robert Duvall is an upcoming courtroom drama-comedy, slated to be released October 10, 2014.

The film tells the story of an estranged son, Hank (Downey, Jr.) a successful defense attorney in Chicago who is called back to his rural hometown for his mother’s funeral for the first time in twenty years. Determined to make a brief appearance and leave for Chicago as soon as possible due to mounting tensions with his father, the town Judge (Duvall) – his stay ends up being unexpectedly extended when his father is arrested for vehicular manslaughter. The plot unfolds in a very non-linear and unexpected way, yielding moments and situations that are equal parts tragic and comedic.

Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall deliver thoroughly convincing performances, despite the writing and supporting character development leaving something to be desired. Although it has received very mixed reviews, the film is absolutely worth seeing – there hasn’t been a good court-room drama in years and “The Judge” delivered a heartfelt and not overwhelmingly suspenseful story.

The Judge image still: Warner Brothers Studios The
The Judge image still: Warner Brothers Studios