Lee-Pender Case Dismissed, Further Investigation Ensues


(Photo Credit: Washington Post) Lee-Pender, a former Raptor, had his case dismissed due to lack of substantial evidence

Lee-Pender says he wants to play basketball for the Raptors next season
Lee-Pender says he wants to play basketball for the Raptors next season

After a quick hearing, the case’s prosecutor and the judge agreed upon voluntary dismissal of Shaun’Bredrk Lee-Pender’s charges, with the purpose of further investigation by senior prosecutors.


The prosecutor also acknowledged that the case was dismissed due to a lack of substantial evidence.


If new evidence is discovered through further investigation, an entirely new charge and trial would be brought against the defendant, as opposed to the original charge of disturbing school operations. That case is officially closed.


“This whole thing was just a misunderstanding,” Lee-Pender said after the procedure.


“Campus definitely needs more security.” Lee-Pender continued. “My car was broken into in the [Takoma Park/Silver Spring] campus parking lot. That’s how this whole thing got started.”


A Montgomery County District Courtroom heard the case of Shaun’Bredrk Lee-Pender’s perceived death threat sent to former teammates and faculty members.


Though Lee-Pender’s trial was originally scheduled for the morning of February 13, it was rescheduled for March 20 due to inclement weather.


Not only does the former player intend on continuing classes at MC, he also plans on rejoining the Raptors on the basketball court  next season.

“Hopefully I’ll be welcomed back to the team. I definitely want to come back and play. I did lead the team in scoring [at] twenty points per game.”


Though the investigation is ongoing, Lee-Pender conveyed a sense of relief and happiness as he exited the courtroom. “I’ve learned that life is all about making the right choices.”