✌︎ Top 5 GENUINE BOPS by black female artists ✌︎


Black History Month has come to an end, and sure, this month has, in no way, brought an end to the reign of racism in America. Black people are still underprivileged with black women facing the most racial prejudices.


While this February has had its ups (the imprisonment of R. Kelly), it has also had its downs (the Jussie Smollett situation). However, it’s time to end it on a good note by celebrating the talents of the many hardworking black female artists out there. Here is a list of five songs released by gifted black women that are recognized by many as genuine bops:
  1. “Don’t Touch My Hair” by Solange
    Despite being released about two years ago, this melody remains relevant, especially since it was recently made illegal in New York to discriminate against black hair and hairstyles. This is important because while black culture is constantly being stolen and appropriated by other racial groups, black people have to fight for laws that protects their rights as people. They have to fight to not to be dehumanized and discriminated against for something as simple as hair.
  2.  “Django Jane” by Janelle Monae
    “As a young black woman, my existence felt less than the people in power right now,” Janelle Monae explains her inspiration in the Genius™ video for this powerful track from her groundbreaking album, “Dirty Computer.” She spits line after line, calling attention to the fact that she had roles in two Oscar-nominated movies and yet some may not recognize her talent because she is a black woman who dresses in a way that may not always appeal to men. This song is in every way “black girl magic” as Monae manages to articulate the excellence of black people while simultaneously saying “f*ck the patriarchy.”
  3. “The Night Song” by Ravyn Lenae
    “Hair down, feeling alright, got my edges on tonight, it’s a party tonight.” In this catchy tune produced by Steve Lacy, Ravyn Lenae softly sings about being secure with your own image and not caring how anyone perceives you. This song is all about confidence, and the perfect song to snap your fingers to as you get ready for the day.
  4. “Hungry Hippo” by Tierra Whack
    Named after one of the games she played as a child, the seventh track from Tierra Whack’s revolutionary album, “Whack World,” talks about fashion. Whack says the song is essentially about styling her partners, and in a span of only a minute, it proves to be a bop that has you yearning for more.
  5. “B*tch I’m Nasty” by Rico Nasty
    “And I’m screamin’ ‘F*ck Trump! Black girls, stand up!’” This intro song to Rico Nasty’s latest project, “Nasty,” is essentially an introduction to herself as an artist, warning new listeners that she is “nasty” and she has no intention of compromising her sense of identity for streams. This track is perfect to scream along to in your car. The lyrics and beatrack are loud and unapologetic. In another line, Rico says, “B*tch, I’m nasty, and I don’t give a f*ck like what is classy.” She uses this line to illustrate that she has no intention of fitting inside any box; she will be herself. She is nasty, and absolutely no one can shame her for that.