We are here for “Us”


Director Jordan Peele has created one of the most confusing yet symbolic movies of the year. Us is a creepy thriller about a family who is on vacation in California, but is greeted with insane murderous copies of themselves who attempt to murder the family.

The mom, Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o) has PTSD because of wandering into a hall of mirrors and claiming that she had an interaction with her reflection, scaring her for the rest of her life. She later has a somewhat normal life, as she ends up being married with two children, a child, and a tween.

Adelaide says that she’s always afraid that her reflection is going to come back and haunt her again, which is what happens later that night. It wasn’t just her reflection who comes back, but it’s a reflection of the entire family.

The entire movie includes a lot of symbolism and social commentary on Americans. You really have to watch it twice to figure all of the story and the symbolism out. Some parts of the movie get swept under the rug if you aren’t paying attention.

In the end, Peele put out a masterpiece that really can hit you about America and also has an enticing story. I recommend if you have only seen this movie once, you should see it again—not only to catch everything else you haven’t noticed—but also because it’s a great movie.