Fighting with My Family Review


Fighting with my Family is an origin story about current WWE Diva wrestler Saraya “Paige” Knight (played by Florence Pugh) as she tries to fight her way to the WWE stage. The film is about a family in England, trying to make ends meat by hosting a wrestling camp lead by Ricky Knight (Nick Frost) and Julia Knight (Lena Heady). The two siblings, Zak Knight (Jack Lowden) and Saraya Knight help teach younger kids how to be WWE type wrestlers.

The two kids have a chance of a lifetime, as WWE travels to England to try and find the next great wrestler. The kids meet Dwayne Johnson (who also produced the movie) and ask for some tips. There’s a funny bit in that scene.  The kids then showcase their skills as a man named Hutch (Vince Vaughn) picks each wrestler who will move on to the next round. Saraya moves on, but her brother is not picked.

After that scene, and Saraya moving to Florida, Zak has his own life. He has a kid and continues to coach these underprivileged kids at his family’s business, but Zak has some jealousy for over his sister, and that’s when the movie really becomes “Fighting with My Family.”

I really expected this movie to be a funny movie, but there are some really serious moments in this movie. There’s a moment in the movie where Saraya and Zak meet up for the first time since Saraya got picked and you can see the emotion Zak has because he didn’t get his dream job.

Also, you don’t need to know much about wrestling to understand this movie. It’s a movie directed towards wrestling fans and non-wrestling fans, and it conveys a message that any girl can succeed if they work hard enough.