Brace Yourself for Valentines Day


Ugh! Another year, and you’re still single, huh?

Well, you’re not the only one feeling this way. Brace yourself for Valentine’s day!

According to Wikipedia, Valentine’s Day began in the early 1900s and was recognized as a significant, cultural and religious celebration of romance. Valentine’s Day also honors the 3rd-century Roman saint Valentinus. He was a Roman Priest who ministered to Christians. Though Valentine’s Day is only one day out of 365 days of the year, people should remember to show their loved ones they care, year-round. Valentine’s Day became commercialized during the 1950s, when gift giving and romantic celebrations came into fashion.

Even if you’re single, there are plenty of ways to get through this holiday while still feeling the love! Here are 10 ways to spend the day:

 – Spend it with your gal pals! Who needs someone when you have your girls? Avoid your situationships for a day and just hang out with your friends! Take each other out for mani-pedis, a movie, and even go for drinks and dinner, or do all three at home!

– For guys, you can hang out with your friends too! Some ideas are laser tag, a sports bar, an old fashioned bar, going out to eat, just ordering pizza and watching movies, playing video games, or whatever activities guys do… spread love to the homies too!

– Spend it with yourself, keep yourself busy doing things you love to do. Treat yourself.

– If you’re really desperate, you can always find speed dating events in D.C. for ages 23-35.

– Spend time with your family! Make a huge family dinner, play board games, watch a movie and have a relaxing day with people that will love you forever. (That is, if your siblings are not in a relationship.)

– Show yourself love by pampering yourself–you can give yourself gifts, or have a photoshoot Choose a location, contact a photographer and pose away! #Ilovemyself

– Think of all the money you save by being single. Relationships aren’t cheap and can sometimes break the bank.

– Don’t feel like going home? Put in that overtime at work. Valentine’s Day is bound to be busy if you work in retail or a restaurant. People are probably trying to find an outfit for their romantic dinner, and waiting in long lines if they don’t have a dinner reservation set. Make those tips and earn more hours at work!

– If you have friends who are single, offer to host a singles’ party! Have everyone bring a dish, have people bring their single friends and everyone can mingle and have fun.

– Baking is always a fun activity to do. Have a friend or two over and turn it into a bake-off.  After, eat all the goodies you possibly can!

Valentine’s Day as a single doesn’t have to be dreadful if you have the right mentality. Plan a couple of days ahead to treat yourself, or hangout with your friends, and you’ll make it eventful and filled with fun!