Tech Review: PhotoMATH

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With finals quickly approaching a new app from MicroBLINK may be your saving grace this semester. PhotoMath, the application by MicroBLINK, extends the capability of a calculator to the functions of YouTube videos by math instructors.


The application takes pictures of printed math equations and in real time gives you solutions, including a step-by-step overview on how to solve the problem. The application currently supports Arithmetic expressions, fractions, decimals, powers, roots, simple linear equations and more.


PhotoMath is run by MicroBLINK, a text recognition company. MicroBlink started out in 2013 with PhotoPay Ltd., a mobile banking and payment app. After implementing their technology into a number of European Union banks the company expanded into MicroBLINK in 2014.
PhotoMath is simple to use with a tutorial. It is currently available from Apples’ App store, and as well as the Window app store for free. According to their website the Android version of the application will be available starting in early 2015.