Captain Marvel to the rescue


This has been the most anticipated movie of the year so far. The lead into Avengers: End Game. Nothing can be more awesome as this. I wonder what her backstory will be? How will Brie Larson’s (Carol Danvers) and Samuel L. Jackson’s (Nick Fury) chemistry be? Will it just be a feminist movie? Will it be as good as Wonder Woman? I can answer those questions for you.
First off, no. It is not a feminist movie. It is a state of the art Marvel movie. To be fair, it is a filler movie towards End Game. It’s a backstory movie so we know who Carol Danvers is, and how she became Captain Marvel. While the movie is well edited-especially the de-aging of Jackson-The movie is a skeleton of a bunch of other movies.
Immediately, once the movie has it’s first few lines, immediately I think: The Bourne Identity. Carol Danvers doesn’t remember anything before she meets Yogg-Rogg (Jude Law). Her job is to make sure the Skrulls don’t take over 1990s Earth.
There are references to the 90s, such as a Blockbuster and a Radioshack, which they definitely included in the movie—because it’s the 90s—and it’s a crowd-pleasing throwback to all of the 90s kids in the audience.
The chemistry between Jackson and Larson is incredible. The energetic Jackson and the more serious Larson is a good mix. Also, this is before Nick Fury has seen the Avengers type of stuff. The stuff he’s seen was in the LAPD, so this is a very different Fury.
The only knock on the movie was that there was a lot of politics and not enough action. The best action was in the last 45 minutes of the movie, which was definitely disappointing. I believe there was a total of two other fights in the movie. If Game of Thrones is popular among the masses, you will be all right seeing this movie. Just expect it to be more of an Ant-Man than a Thor: Ragnarok.
Overall, I enjoyed this movie, and would definitely recommend it to anybody who likes superhero movies. I’d say it’s a seven out of 10