Advocating: Devildriver’s Winter Kills


The album cover for Devildrive’s latest work: Winter Kills

Back-album cover-art from "Winter Kills"
Back-album cover-art from “Winter Kills”

Devildriver is a band that improved their sound since their debut album, “Devildriver,” released in 2003. This spring, they released their 5th studio album, “Winter Kills.”

“Winter Kills” has a different sound than Beast (2011). It’s more aggressive, but none of the previous albums they have created are melodic. “The fury of our maker’s hand” (2005), sounds more melodic, but not as much as “Pray for Villains” (2009).

This new album sounds better than its predecessor, “Beast” and I would recommend it to anybody who wants to try new bands or even if they want to include a new album in their collection. The band did a great job with this release, and hopefully for them it will improve their fanbase and reputation.