Red Jacket Literary Magazine Presents… Spooktacular


Arrey Mbutambe, Staff Writer

The Red Jacket editorial staff, with Lexi Werner as the editor-in-chief, were all present and excited to meet the students at the Red Jacket’s 2017 magazine launch, which they named Spooktacular. It took place at Science West 302 on Oct. 27 at 2 pm.

It was definitely a fun and educational experience for the students that attended this event. They took their time to explain the content of their magazine and then carried on to give students free samples (of the magazine) from previous years. Also, they provided a variety of snacks, such as cupcakes, cookies, drinks, pizza, punch, tortilla chips and guacamole dip for their guests. They also brought board games, card games, drunken tower and many more games to entertain their guest.

However, If you failed to attend the Red Jacket launch, you did not only miss out on getting free samples of the previous versions of the Red Jacket magazine, but you also missed out on free pizza! The Red Jacket has a magazine launch every year, so do not miss out on the next one. The Spooktacular was a great success, and many students are looking forward to the next Red Jacket launch event.