Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge


MC Interclub Dodgeball Tournament Poster

 Club Profile: Honors Club

Updated: 4/27/2014


The teams are set, the sweet air of spring is in the air and so are dodgeballs. Are you ready?

This Friday, April 24th at 2:00pm the first ever Montgomery College Interclub Dodgeball Tournament will start. This event is sponsored by the Honors Club and will be held in the main gym of the MC Rockville campus. Good old fashion entertainment will be open to all MC students, faculty, and family. 23 clubs, programs, and organizations came together to make up a total of 25 teams that will be competing for bragging rights and a chance to donate to charity.

The Honors Club has set a goal of $1,000 to be raised for the event; the proceeds will go to the winning team’s choice charity. The charities include Rebuilding Together, World Wildlife Fund, The American Red Cross, St. Jude Children’s Hospital and many more. The Honors Club would like to remind everyone that this event is free to attend, however donations would be greatly appreciated to help raise and hopefully surpass their goal.

Dodgeball tournaments have been attempted by different clubs and organizations in years past but failed due to a lack of team and student interest. The dodgeball tournament was made possible thanks to the members of the Honors Club.

Honors Club President, Brian Schoem, said the mission of the Honors club is “to provide a service to the college and greater community, to create opportunities for MC students to further their educational goals through knowledge of scholarship opportunities, transfer guidance, internships, and community resources.” For students interested in joining the club, all you need is to be a MC student and you’re automatically qualified to join.

Aside from the dodgeball tournament the Honors Club has many other irons in the fire. They have also participated in multiple blood drives, canned food drives, donated clothing, and assisted MC students in resume building and utilizing scholarship opportunities.

The club has also been involved with the Nourish Now organization. The founder, Brett Meyers, came in to speak to the club personally. According to Brian other big highlights of the club are the opportunities to attend “educational journeys” like an upcoming trip to the Newseum.

The Honors Club holds great opportunities for anyone interested in getting involved with charities, furthering themselves, or for anyone who wants to get hit by a big rubber ball.