MC Students Leading the Charge to End Hunger


Students organize packaged food for donation.



Montgomery College has joined hands with Manna Food Center in an effort to fight hunger in Montgomery County. The program is called “Smart Sacks” and it runs during the Montgomery County School year. The program is run through the Office of Student Life with the help of student assistants and volunteers under the supervision of Nik Sushka.


The Smart Sacks program delivers food donated by Manna Food Center to elementary and high schools around Montgomery County. Although most of the donated food comes from Manna headquarters, there is a food bank at Montgomery College, which is maintained through various food drives during the year.


Most of the meetings take place at Montgomery College on Wednesdays between 2pm and 3pm in the Student Activities Center. The meetings are directed by student assistants Adrian Vermaaten and Yansi May; they plan meetings, recruit new members, give presentations about hunger in Montgomery County, and oversee the packaging of food.

Student assistants Adrian Vermaaten and Yansi May, supervise volunteers.
Student assistants Adrian Vermaaten and Yansi May, supervise volunteers.(Photo Credit: Adrilenzo Cassoma)

The bulk of the volunteers are involved in the packaging process, however there are other ways to help, from driving the food to helping with the distribution on the delivery day. Montgomery College students are always eager to get involved and help. “I’m here because people need help” said Julie Kuster, one of the student volunteers.


Manna Food Center is a non profit organization that has taken on the task of eliminating hunger in Montgomery County. According to the Montgomery County Food Bank, 40 percent of people suffering from hunger are children.


The Smart Sacks program also offers great leadership opportunities. “One of the biggest differences between this year and the last one, is that now we give more responsibilities to members” said Adrian Vermaaten, student assistant.


Whether you looking to improve your resumé or if “[you are] just a regular Montgomery College Student trying to help other students in the community” like student volunteer Bala Mah’moud emphatically put; then you should join the team of volunteers for Manna Food Center at Montgomery college.

For more information visit the Office of Student life on your campus.