MOOC Returning This September


Last Fall, Montgomery College joined the ranks of top notch schools such as Harvard and Duke, launching its first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). This style of education is unique in the sense that it is entirely free, does not require a textbook, and allows students to take a course essentially without risk. Right now, MOOCs provide a rare opportunity to learn “via short (8-12 minute) video lectures, peer-to-peer online interaction, interactive discussion board assignments, and instructor feedback,” according to a press release from the school.


The College describes the course by stating, “Literally, anyone in the world with Internet access can register for the MOOC.” This attractive feature is one of the key factors to the increasing popularity of this type of class.


The course, “Get Ready for College Writing” begins on September 29. It will be taught by English Professor Emily Rosado, who prepared for this new endeavor by enrolling in MOOCs herself “to become familiar with the format and student needs.” This year she will be teaching the same curriculum, which she has tweaked and improved upon from the previous year.


In regards to the benefits for students enrolled in this course Rosado said, “This course could be a good way to bridge the gap between high school students who aren’t necessarily ready to enter college at the credit level where English and writing is concerned. Helping these students to sharpen their skills and place into a credit-level English course will help more students complete their degrees.”

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