Montgomery College, USG Partnership to Make Transferring More Affordable

Montgomery College, USG Partnership to Make Transferring More Affordable


For many students, Montgomery College is a stepping-stone onto the University of Maryland, College Park. But rising costs can be more of a challenge for students who wish to transfer. Through the Universities at Shady Grove Terp Transfer Partnership (USG TTP) there is now a more financially viable option that can help students achieve the education without the daunting high price.


USG TTP is a new transfer access program created to benefit Montgomery College students transferring to University of Maryland College Park (UMCP) for a Bachelor’s degree program at the Universities at Shady Grove. USG TTP provides qualifying students with a $5000 scholarship for their first academic year upon transferring to any University of Maryland, College Park Undergraduate Program offered at USG. The amount is meant to cover the increased tuition costs from Montgomery College to the University of Maryland.


The academic scholarship that is part of USG TTP ha eligibility requirements including an associate degree from MC, a 3.0 cumulative GPA (3.4 for the Robert H. Smith School of Business) from all previous institutions and a C- or better in a variety of program specific courses. Students are free to enroll in the USG TTP program any time during their enrollment at MC except for their final semester. Students who enroll must be able to meet specific requirements based on their program of interest. The requirements for each bachelor’s degree program can be found by following these links: B.A. Communication, B.A. Criminology and Criminal Justice, B.S. Biological Sciences, Robert H. Smith School of Business.


The program will include more than 100 students for the 2014-2015 academic year. Once accepted into the program students must fulfill requirements while at MC in order to enroll in their bachelor’s program at USG. Requirements include attending the an orientation session at USG, meeting once a semester with the USG Transfer Access Assistant Director and UMCP Program Director, attending at least one Academic Success Workshop per year, meeting with a USG Career Counselor prior to completion of associate degree, and submitting UMCP undergraduate admission application for UMCP degree program at USG.


To apply for USG TTP submit an application by June 15 for fall enrollment or November 15 for spring enrollment. Selected applicants will be contacted by email. To download an application click here.