Takoma Park Update: East Garage Evaluation

The parking structure known as the ‘East Garage’ near the Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus is still being evaluated by structural engineers, and will undergo a multitude of additional evaluations over the next couple of weeks.

Steve Maloney, Director of Public Safety for Montgomery College, the garage is expected to have additional support structures built within the next two weeks. However, precautionary tests by egineers will be taken to make sure the garage is safe for parking.


“All of the closed areas on levels one and two will remain closed indefinitely.” Said Maloney.

The Department of Public Safety is also reminding drivers to continue exercise safety and control while commuting through the campus, whether they be in or near around the East Garage’s construction area.

“We anticipate opening the East Garage’s level five and some other affected areas for [available] parking.” Maloney added.

However, it should also be noted that there is no set timetable in place for finishing the reconstruction and evaluations.