The new club struggle


Many people are unaware of the incredibly fun, social aspect of student organizations, and how much they have to offer. Being a part of an organization is a great, social way to have fun and meet new people while also having a sense of unity. That being said, starting a new organization is no easy task, especially with all of the rules and regulations set in place.

To get a new club up and running here at Montgomery College, you have to have many things set in place to get it off the ground. In order to be an official club, before anything, you must have at least five registered officers with a minimum GPA of 2.0, along with a Club Constitution and other important documents that must be turned in to the Office of Student Life. And that’s just the easy part.

“If you don’t have your flyers stamped by the office of student life, they would be taken down by security.” -Anton Lagergren, Chess Club”

Once a new club is successfully set up, the real work really starts. The new worries are recruitment, event planning, and how to make your club stand out from the rest. “Main difficulties are recruiting people to take on responsibilities in leadership roles,” said Anton Lagergren, a current Montgomery College student who is starting up the Chess Club.

It may seem easy to assign officer roles to a few people, but like Lagergren said, it is very difficult to find people with enough time on their hands to take on a leadership position.

All clubs must know the process they have to go through in order to post flyers so they can promote themselves. “If you don’t have your flyers stamped by the office of student life, they would be taken down by security,” Lagergren said, illustrating another hurdle new clubs must face.

The process to start a new club is no walk in the park. From recruiting new members to promoting your club’s mission, there is a constant struggle to become a successful, well-known club. Anton Lagergren jumped through hoops in order to get the Chess Club off the ground, and his club is currently welcoming new members of any skill level.

For anybody that is planning on starting a new club in the future, or interested in joining one, speaking with the people in the Office of Student Life is the best way to know about anything that is club related. Starting a new club not only looks good for future employers/schools, but it also brings a fulfilling feeling to all of those involved in its creation. Make the best of your time here at Montgomery College and show your uniqueness by starting a club of your own!