John Hoover “Morocco, Spain, and Turkey” takes viewers on an adventure

The Photography Department started a new exhibition in January that will last to the end of February. “Morocco, Spain, and Turkey,” by John Hoover is located in the bottom floor of the Technical Center. Hoover, a traveling photographer, began studying at MC years ago. He always knew he wanted to be a photographer. “When I was a child, I was a visual person. I had good visual memory, and I felt like if I had an ability to show what I saw in an artistic way,” Hoover said.

Wherever Hoover travels, he takes his cameras with him. But why choose the countries that he did? “As a kid, I always loved Spain. Morocco was once part of Spain long time ago, so that is why I decided to go there,” Hoover said. “As a traveling photographer, I try to show the country’s culture in a positive way. I never show it in a negative way.”

From all the photographs that were in the exhibition, the ones that caught my attention are the Riad, in Fes (Morocco), The Palace of the Conqueror, in Spain, and La Torre del Oro, Seville (Spain), and Across the Golden Horn, in Istanbul (Turkey).

“Turkey was my favorite country from that trip. It had such an architecture that made everything look fantastic,” Hoover said. The best photograph taken is up to every person going to see the exhibition, but for Hoover, The King’s Stable (Morocco) is his favorite.

“In my entire career as a Photographer, I will say that the most interesting country I visited was India because people were very friendly, and the Nation itself had an amazing history,” Hoover said. There are many photography students in this College, and some of them are very passionate about art. The advice he had for those students was to spend a lot of time preparing the camera so they have options when they are exploring.