Five MC Free Online Resources To Help Students Boost Their Resume


Gabriela Tomasi

Now more than ever, students entering the job market are facing tough competition. With new graduates entering the job market every semester, remote working becoming the norm across the country, and increasing competition for jobs, the importance of learning new skills and making an effort to keep yourself informed on current trends has become more evident. In this article, you’ll find online resources that will help you boost your resume and stand out to potential employers, all for free!

1. Get Involved in the Career Center at Montgomery College

Montgomery College also offers free resources to prepare students for career success through Student Career and Employment Services. Career advising, help writing or formatting resumes, job interview tips and job search strategies are some of the few services offered through this department. Another valuable tool is the Ejobs website, which allows you to browse dozens of internship and job listings available to MC students and alumni. Interested students can contact one of Montgomery College’s Student Employment Specialists to get individualized service or help setting up an Ejobs account. There are employment specialists designated for each campus:

Rockville Employment Specialist: Beth Reilly
Germantown Employment Specialist: Patricia McGlone
Takoma Park/Silver Spring Employment Specialist: Joseph O’Hare

Contact information is available on the MC Student Career and Employment Services website.

Another asset available to MC students is the Cooperative Education and Internship Program, a program that allows students to earn college credit by completing internships in or outside the MC community. Students can submit an application to be admitted into the program, also available through the MC website.

2. Participate in Campus Activities, Clubs, and Leadership Programs.

Being involved on campus can help add experience to a list on a resume. Participating in clubs, for example, will allow for the demonstration of interests and the opportunity to network with fellow students. There are dozens of clubs available to join, and those who do not see a particular interest of theirs available are free to create their own!
Similarly, getting involved in leadership programs can be instrumental in demonstrating that a student is willing to make an effort to build valuable skills for employers, such as communication, independence, and proactiveness. Programs currently available through Montgomery College include MC Leads, Impact MC, and the Southern Management Leadership Program.

Volunteer work and experience is another tool that can help fortify a resume and stand out to potential employers. MC’s Givepulse website offers students the chance to earn volunteer service hours through MC-specific opportunities and MC service awards. Student Life’s Service Earning and Civic Engagement provide additional opportunities to get involved in the MC community and beyond various service programs.

3. HubSpot Academy

If you are a communications or business student looking to expand your knowledge on marketing, sales, and customer service, HubSpot Academy is the perfect platform for you. Hubspot Academy offers detailed learning on topics such as email marketing, platform consulting, digital advertising, and content management systems (CMS), and many more. Additionally, HubSpot Academy offers certifications upon the completion of a course, which can be added to your Linkedin In or resume as well. Hubspot Academy is free of charge and offers immediate access to courses. Check it out here.

4. Google Digital Garage:

The Google Digital Garage is another free online learning platform that makes learning about digital marketing accessible to all. Through this platform, you can take courses about the fundamentals of digital marketing and Google Analytics, which can be useful in learning about growing a business’ online presence, a valuable skill in the digital age.

These certification courses instruct on how to use Google engines to track and report website traffic, how to choose words that will help buyers find a product among competitors, and optimize advertising efforts, to name a few. Check out the site here.

5. Linkedin Learning

Linkedin Learning is an online platform that offers more than 5,000 expert-led courses starting at $19.99 per month. However, MC students have access to the platform for free.

This platform is a valuable resource because it offers students an opportunity to learn skills to help a resume stand out for employers. Students can learn how to code, Copywrite, use Adobe Illustrator, become proficient in Excel, and many other skills. Additionally, the platform offers certificates of completion, which you can add to your Linkedin profile and resume.

To access the courses, log in to the website with your MC email here.


As graduation and transfer season loom for many students, it can be overwhelming to consider what the future will hold. It is stressful and daunting to move beyond the bounds of college and into the next phase of life, but by building a strong set of adaptable skills and a well-rounded resume, students can be assured that they will have many promising opportunities ahead.