MC Trivia Show: Adding “Fun” to “Fundraising”!


Aiesha Solomon

Rock Paper Scissors: Raging Raptors vs. Queens

Aiesha Solomon, Staff Writer

Montgomery College Rockville campus hosted its Impact MC Trivia Show, where multiple students and teachers competed against each other for multiple causes that benefited the school and its inhabitants.

The event took place on Dec. 4 with all students and teachers that chose to enter in the competition. They had to make or join a group, which ended up being six teams with six to eight members. All six teams picked a name, one that wouldn’t be embarrassing to have called out at the end. Their names being ACES in your Faces, Juliza’s Team, MC Leads plus 1, Ovi, Queens and the only team full of professors Raging Raptors. After the teams were chosen, the groups had to choose a cause to donate their winnings towards at the end. The three causes were MC Student Emergency Fund, International Student Fund, and ACES. The money for the Emergency Fund would help students who have had their backpacks, textbooks, wallets and other important belongings stolen by getting them reimbursed in most cases to help buy back what ever was lost.

The International Student Fund will help those coming from another country pay for their tuition, which could be anywhere from ten to fifteen thousand dollars. They will also help them find peers to guide them through their culture shock, and even find the right major or job without any of the prejudice that could come their way as a person from abroad. Third, was the ACES fund, where money helps people that are first generation college students, immigrants, low-income students, and even those with differing abilities. It’s role is to “offer a support system for students in need, to successfully acquire an undergraduate degree.”

From this point on the real games began as the Trivia was decided into six categories, all with varying point values assigned. Logos (10 possible points) where groups worked together to identify the brand name with just a photo of their logo, Independence Day (10 possible points) teams needed to figure out which year corresponds with the countries listed as its day of independence, Sportball (15 points) teams had to answer multiple sports related questions, Rock, Paper, Scissors (5 points) all teams would face off against each other for a champion that would represent their team until only one person is left, Girls Just Want to Have Fundamental Rights (10 points) it was the job of team members to work together to identify different young women who fought for fundamental rights, and finally a Kahoot (30 points + 10 bonus points to top scorer) in which groups worked together to catch up as a wide variety of questions were anyone’s gain.

In between each round, members of the Student Life explained each charity and by the end of it everyone was reassured in their choices for donation. With each round it seemed like the professors stayed in the Raging Raptors. The Professors’ team was in the lead, but when the final round of Kahoot came, it seemed as though “ACES in your Faces” and Juliza’s Team we’re catching up. As the points were added up at the end, Raging Raptors won and added an extra two hundred dollars to the donations. This ended the event with seven hundred sixty eight dollars in total, a majority of it is going to the MC Student Emergency Fund because of the professors in Raging Raptors.

If you ever lose your graphing calculator, wallet, or biology textbook and turn to Emergency Fund for help, remember some of your professors were there to offer their paychecks just for you.