Already feeling stressed?


Feeling stressed? Here are some tips to help you out this semester!

  1. Wake up early! Just because you don’t have class on a specific day doesn’t mean you should sleep in. Save sleeping in for the weekends. When you wake up early, you can get a lot of your school work done and have a relaxing evening when you get home. This way all that’s left to do is to study for a bit and go to bed!
     2)  Have a good schedule going so you don’t miss anything important! Since everyone is on their phones nowadays, put your phone to good use and use the calendar app to keep track of your schedule. Set certain times and dates you need to remember, put in your class times and the time you feel like you should be doing your homework.
     3) Constantly check your syllabus and Blackboard. Professors can’t stress this enough. They almost always follow their syllabus, so make sure you’re on top of everything every week by putting what is due into your phone’s calendar.
    4) Having a morning routine can help set your tone for the day. Most people work out in the evening because they have so much going on during the day. Try to change your workout routine to the early morning, so it’s the first thing you knock out in the day. You will also feel more awake after a workout. After working out, taking a shower and eating a good post-workout meal for breakfast, you’ll feel ready and energized for the day!
5)  Make sure you’re not only doing your homework but that you are actually studying. Reading the textbooks (even if they don’t use it in class) really helps you understand the material in class. Free tutoring is always available on campus if you are struggling with a certain subject; ask your professor about where you can find help and talk to your professor if you are feeling lost in your class.