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MC strives to provide students with as many free and accessible resources as possible. One of them being an online subscription to Student Health 101 and The Student Advocate for students and families of MC.

“Student Health 101 is a monthly health and wellness magazine just for students and their families. Each issue contains valuable information that will help students make better decisions and can help you gain a better understanding of the health and wellness challenges that face today’s students,” said Angela M. Dawson, student services specialist at MC.

This is a monthly subscription; there is an issue that is for family-only called “The Student Advocate” and an issue for students called “Student Health 101”

This months issue of “Student Health 101” contains information on napping (one of many favorite pass times for college students), sex (also one of many favorite pass times for college students), body image and eating disorders, telling the difference from jealousy and envy and much more.

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Student Health 101 “Jealousy and envy–how to tell the difference”
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Student Health 101 “Own your Sex Life–how to talk condoms and STI’s”

They even have a cook book and gym tutorials.

Student Health 101 focuses on both mental and physical wellness for college students, aspects that greatly impact the life of a college student.

This is a great resource for students who don’t know where to start in searching for advice and knowledge about health and wellness.

Along with a subscription, they also offer weekly updates through email and text.


Read the February Issue of “Student Health 101”:

and share with your families the February Issue of “The Student Advocate”:

Text MONTGOMERYCOLLEGE to 40691 to receive updates through texts or you can sign up with them with your email on their website

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