Fall Must Haves


(Photo Credit: Adrilenzo Cassoma)

With the fall season coming to a close, now is the time to perfect this seasons trends, all while adding your own unique twist to the already killer styles.


Fall for many of us is the season that allows you to mix both the summer and winter without commitment to either season. This comes in handy when you run out of outfits to wear, and you find yourself looking through your summer collection for that pair of jean shorts to put your tights under.


Many people love this season, mostly because of the warm colors like orange, burgundy, yellow and green that is associated with this it.  Waking up to the crisp cool autumn breeze and the cozy comfort of cuddling in their favorite fall sweater gives them a unique sensation.


Living in Maryland you really get to experience the fall season, making it essential to wear scarves, knee high socks and boots. The boots are not as warm as Uggs but still keep your toes covered and warm.

A few of this seasons must haves are:

  •   Infinity scarves
  •   a warm pair of leggings
  •   cameo print jackets
  •   jean collared shirts, warm sweaters
  •   knee high boots
  •   blazers
  •   fitted printed skirts
  •   leather jackets
  •   low cut booties

The basic, essential accessory for females is a shoulder handbag. They are small enough to not feel like a heavy burden but big enough to fit your phone, wallet and keys.