MC Answers: What is Art?


Art Credit: Alla Bliskovsky


Art Credit: Alla Bliskovsky
Art Credit: Alla Bliskovsky


What is art?


The actual definition has been debated for years; there are an incredible amount of views on the topic, and they range from lenient to very strict. In the past pieces had very strict rules to define them as art or not, but nowadays the definition is far more lenient. As a part of an art project, I decided to ask people around campus what they thought art was. Here are the responses I got, written in the way I received them:


“Art is belief in practice.”


“Art is expressing yourself onto something material. It’s making your ideas tangible and translating your thoughts onto something solid.”


“Art is: perception.”


“Art is the expression of the human soul, not to be judged or categorized. It is as the creator intended, an extension of their being, their thoughts, ideas, dreams, and self.”


“I believe art is a fluid concept. Even though the definition of art can vary from person to person I still think the essence or core remains constant. Art is any form of expression that involves any or all of the five senses. Art can invoke thoughts. Art can be personal or universal, or both. Art can be of any nature or media, including but not limited to visual, tactile, auditory, verbal, culinary, experiential, physical, conceptual, etc. Art is an exploration of potential. It’s both a process and a product. It is how people respond to their environments and the social contexts in which they live in. Art is reflective. It reveals insights into human nature and the minds of people. It can be how people react to beauty, and also an attempt to create something beautiful. It’s a an effective form of communication when other forms don’t quite cut it. Art is empowering. Art gives the artist a voice when they are otherwise silent.”


“Art is an expression of the past, a present for the future.”


“Art is when innovation meets the minds creation.”

“Art is defined by the organization of artistic principles and elements.”


“An intellectual says something easy in a hard way—an artist says something hard in an easy way.”


“Art is a form of expression and it’s not limited to just painting. Art is pieces of masterpieces that one likes.”


“Art is wordless words filled with colors that people tend to ignore in the world.”

“Art is an outlet, a way to express yourself. Art is a way to escape everyday life. Art is a part of the artist, a piece of who they are. Art is beauty.”


“Art is a way of living.”


“Art is expressing the beauty of the world.”


“It’s the beauty not everyone sees all the time!”


“Art is every deliberate application of human consciousness.”


“The expression of self. It comes from a place of love, pain, sadness, hope, conflict. It’s you at your most beautiful, vulnerable and real. Or it’s whatever piece of crap your 5-year-old puts on the refrigerator.”


“The production of art is a form of self-exploration through self-expression. It should be made with total selfishness but presented selflessly.”


“Art is expressing your creativity.”


“I think art is the purest expression of creativity—through any medium—whether it be writing, photography or paint. The beautiful thing about art is that everyone expresses their own definition through their work.”


“Art should motivate the weak to wake up from the boring and mundane so that we may shine and start something new.”


“Art is explosion!!”


“Art is an expression.”


“It comes from the right brain cavity. It comes to fruition in may non-tangible forms and tangible.”


“It is the best thing in the world and painting is showing us the best of the art.”


“Art is the way to make everything beautiful, an expression of life just being beautiful.”


“Art is life.”


“Art is an outward expression of the soul.”

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