The Little Black Dress, Reinvented


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The little black dress has long been an essential piece to any woman’s wardrobe. It is also well known by the moniker “LBD” The LBD first captivated audiences in the 1920’s when Coco Chanel crafted her first design. Vogue Magazine helped to skyrocket Chanel’s LBD into the fashion hall of fame in 1926. The LBD should be simple in design, yet elegant in order to meet the demands for versatility. Here are some designs that can serve as inspiration for finding the perfect LBD


The best dresses for an hourglass figure are the “Not So Marilyn” and “Aphrodite” models. They cling to the body to flatter the shape, and because they are black they do give an effect of slimming. Hourglass shape silhouettes are for those whose dimensions on their bust and hips are almost equal, and their waist smaller in measurement. These designs are highly feminine and are great for women with bubbly personalities who feel their best in a shorter hemline.


The “Day Dress” and “Night Dress” are best worn by woman with a brick shape. They compliment square figures and a classic line that works best for women with athletic personalities. These dresses are the best mixture of the masculine and feminine charm that make the LBD a classic.


Finally, there’s “The Mod.” It lives in a near timeless era due to its simple design. “The Mod” works well for women who are pear shaped. Its lines are slimming and they create length through the torso. Its detailing is also an attention grabber to add a refreshing statement of elegance to an otherwise basic silhouette.

Remember, always find something you feel expresses your personality – always go after what makes you feel comfortable in your skin. Your clothes are an extension of who you are and they work best as compliments on who you are as a person. They are not a costume to mask who you truly are.