2013 Fall Fashion Look Book

A closer look at trends in Fall fashion this year

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(Photo Credits: Kevin Ortiz and Alla Bliskovsky)

Getting up in the morning and dragging your body to your closet might not be the most fun part of the day, especially if you don’t consider yourself at least semi-fashion-savvy. Bear in mind that even the most capable of fashionistas get stuck sometimes. The best rules to help you compose the ideal outfit are to stay timeless, age appropriate, and comfortable. Remember, when you look your best, you feel your best.

This season, as we await the fashion world’s decisions, we can count on the old tradition of black and white.The combination is chic and classic and will never fail to impress. Be sure to explore texture such as lace detailing and mixed mediums such as leather and denim for a well rounded and mature look.

Always be sure to express yourself in your clothing. Band tees are a great way to help strike up a conversation and might even make you a new friend or two along the way. Women can use a wide variety of jewelry to help express themselves. This season look into bronze and ivory to help top off an outfit.

There seems to be a lot of talk about denim this year. From shirts, to jackets and even sneakers the material is everywhere. Darker washes tend to flatter those with a lighter complexion and lighter tones often complement those with a darker complexion.

Prints are another fun way to make an outfit stand out. Camouflage prints are an easy way to add some flare. Plaids are also a trendy way to dress up a shirt for both men and woman. Stay away from argyle as it tends to look overly dressed-up and dated.

Following these few guidelines will produce in a much more confident and attractive image. Be sure to have fun with it and make smart decisions that will help you stand out.