Guide to Fall Fashion: Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

As the old wedding saying suggests, a good outfit features something old, borrowed, and blue. In this case, we are talking about Mykonos Blue–this season’s hottest hue. Pantone, a long predictor of the current season’s palette, which is compiled buy attending fashion week and watching designers showcase their newest works. Joining the ranks of this eye-catching blue are an assortment of greens, oranges, and reds. In addition to, as always, earth tones, monochrome, dark denim and leather stay staples in your fall wardrobe.

The most attractive property of this timeless palette is that it is gender neutral. Just as we saw in the summer and spring pallets, this year has been big on unisex clothing and color choices. Ladies and guys will both get the opportunity to experiment with exciting combinations and edgy pieces. Fall 2013 will be the playground for rich colors such as Mykonos Blue, Emerald, Moss Green, Olive, Deep Plum, Burgundy, Aquatic Orange (think of a goldfish’s scale), Scarlet, and Smoky Grey. This is a well grounded grouping of color with some obvious color combinations, as well as great accent colors. This will be a fun and refreshing color palette for consumers as the weather starts to chill and the tree leaves begin to fall.

Now that you know the colors, let’s discuss some pieces. Heavy knit sweaters and oversized sweaters are both fashion forward and practical. Deep blue jeans and navy chinos will round off your assorted denims and give you more options to pair with tops. Fitted vests for men and women will be big this fall–think Great Gatsby at its best. Layered looks are back, so be sure to look at cardigans, leather jackets, and denim shirts. A big investment for men this season would be a brown leather jacket because they are always in season and look great with just about anything. Try contrast color and multiple patterned button downs for a big statement in your casual wear. What’s more, plaids and patterns are always a great way to start building your fall wardrobe.

Now that you know what Pantone and I think, let’s ask some fellow students what they are looking forward to the most this season:  Justin Kroenen prefers to play it safe with American Eagle and Target. He is also a huge fan of the colors brown, blue and red. When asked about how he puts together his outfits he said he likes to stick to basics and switch it up. Aron Huie, on the other hand, enjoys blazers of all kinds, but prefers European cuts. His fashion inspiration is 40’s rat pack look, and pulls inspiration from movies. Lastly, we have Carla Zaidan; a fashion design major. She looks up to Lauren Conrad for inspiration on clothes. Zaidan predicts we will see a lot of navy, olive green, and black this season. She also urges girls to find a belt with which to make an accessory statement this fall.

This is plenty to think about now, regarding the best picks for fall 2013 fashion. Remember, it doesn’t take much to feel great in your clothes. Be bold, be brave, and be beautiful, in the richest color palette of the year.