‘By the skin of our teeth’ and the edge of our seats

Wednesday night’s opening performance of “The Skin of our Teeth” was in one word – sensational. No really, it kind of boggled the senses. The show is a fantastical clump of balderdash, a bit of blasphemy and a suessical rendition of our world’s history as told by Thornton Wilder.

The play follows Mr. and Mrs. Antrobus and their two children, Gladys and Henry, through three of the greatest disasters: an ice age, a flood, and a war in an intriguing path of discovery and enlightenment. And not to mention inventions, for which Mr. Antrobus is largely responsible… from the alphabet, to the wheel, and numbers in between. The audience is treated to an often baffling mix of passion play and tongue-in-cheek humor that delights and befuddles all at once.

With exceptional acting by our very own fellow students such as Claire Jones, Taylor Payne, Renwick Paige, and a brilliantly delivered script, “The Skin of our Teeth” was simply fantastic.