Do You Need to Relax? Read a book!

Summer is officially over so you know what that means: school! Assignments are already piling up, and the stress may or may not already be getting to you. Sometimes you may find yourself needing to lay down and just relax. Watch a sitcom. Maybe even read a book. There’s nothing like drinking a steaming hot cup of tea and immersing yourself in an amazing book to take the edge off an incredibly stressful day.
If you’re in need of a good book, then don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. Listed below are some books that are guaranteed to make you forget all about the troubles of your life–well, at least temporarily:
  1. If you loved the recently released Netflix movie “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before,” you will probably love the book written by the talented and well-known author, Jenny Han even more. The book precedes “P.S. I Still Love You” and “Always and Forever, Lara Jean,” and as you read this trilogy, you get to follow Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky as they mature both as individuals and as romantic partners. These books are just lighthearted enough to warm your heart and just emotional enough to make your eyes water.
  2. If you loved Becky Albertalli’s critically acclaimed novel “Simon Vs. The Homosapien Agenda”, then you’ll certainly be interested in its sequel, “Leah on the Offbeat.” The second book of “Creekwood series follows Leah Burke, Simon’s bisexual best friend as she navigates the troubles senior year throws her way: college applications, prom, and…romance?
  3. Sometimes the pressures of school can be too much, and trust me, Kara, the main character of Michelle Falkoff’s stand-alone novel, “Pushing Perfect,” can more than relate. Faced with her own unrealistic need to be perfect, Kara will go to any length to ace the SATs, even illegally acquiring a secret underground drug to help her focus. The good thing is that she gets away with it… or does she?
  4. We’ve all dealt with a little bit of heartbreak here and there, but Penelope Marx, the main character of Meg Leder’s enticing YA novel, “The Museum of Heartbreak, is the world’s leading expert. Her crush, Keats may or may not be into her sworn nemesis; her best friend, Audrey, grows more and more distant by the day; and not to mention the fact that her other best friend, the amazing Eph, has been throwing her a lot of mixed signals lately. Penelope can only hope for an end to her heartbreak…otherwise, there won’t be anything left to break.
  5. We’ve all heard about the dangers of text and driving, but Jeff Zentner shines a light on this growing epidemic with his enlightening novel, “Goodbye Days.” The main character Carver sends one text to his best friend, a talented artist who went by the nickname Mars, and just like that, all three of his best friends are killed in a one-car accident. Now Carver has to deal not only with his overwhelming grief, guilt, and loneliness but a possible lawsuit. “Goodbye Days” is guaranteed to have you in tears as you follow Carver mourning his friends and appreciating life in a way he never has before.