Top Fashion Outlets for College Students: Fall ’17


Samory Senh

Morgan poses in urban streetwear in Gallery Plaza.

Here are a couple of outlets in the Montgomery County area that will help refresh your Fall wardrobe at a prospective price.

Apparel Trap | $ | [ O N L I N E ]

Salim & Morgan converse over top urban apparel | Samory Senh

Apparel Trap is the go-to online shop for Dad Hats & Retro frames; but get this, they even have an online thrift shop. Most of their apparel replicate a vintage or Kitsch look, selling between $2 and $30.

Varche Apparel | $ | [ O N L I N E ]

Varche Apparel will typically appeal to hipsters & trendsetters. They only offer caps and shirts in limited supply, but their rose symbol and minimalist style makes it worthwhile & easy to apply to any outfit. The best part about it, its all under $30.

Thrasher | $ | [ O N L I N E / I N S T O R E S ]

Thrasher has quality apparel at a rather affordable price. Granted, several items go up to around $60 – $70, but it is fairly easy to catch a sale or venture deep into the catalog for a cheap feat.

Location: Zumiez | Lakeforest Mall, Gaithersburg, MD

Nasty Gal | $$ | [ O N L I N E ]

Jay can’t handle a couple jokes. | Samory Senh

Top pick for college women; Nasty Gal is both wallet-friendly and fashionable. Whether you are trying to go urban or boho chic, maybe even cross the eclectic line, Nasty Gal cannot fail you. Literally, they have everything.

Boohoo | $$ | [ O N L I N E ]

Salim Addrey goes off on modern hip-hop. | Samory Senh

Boohoo offers a wide variety of urban apparel in all sizes; tall, petite, plus sized, maternity, etc. When there are sales, the price range is extremely reasonable. They’re fairly decent otherwise, some products can appear outrageous.

H&M | $$ | [ O N L I N E / I N S T O R E S]

Prices are fairly affordable from time to time. They do tend to have sales often. The vetements is not the best of quality, but the options and the prices will make you turn a blind eye.

Location: Lakeforest Mall, Gaithersburg, MD

Location: Westfield Wheaton, Wheaton, MD

Location: Downtown Silver Spring, Silver Spring, MDvans

Vans | $$ | [ O N L I N E / I N S T O R E S]

Salim Addrey makes a call for a meet up. | Samory Senh

$60 sneakers in a variety of patterns and colors? What’s not to love? Realize that I am just speaking about the shoes. Other options at Vans outlets and online include hats, shirts, shorts, socks, etc. for a fair price.

Location: Westfield Montgomery, Bethesda, MD

Location: Westfield Wheaton, Wheaton, MD

Stussy | $$ | [ O N L I N E / I N S T O R E S ]

Skater jams to local street vibes. | Samory Senh

Stussy is not a cheap urban outlet, however, they do offer a substantial amount of tees, hoodies, beanies, pants, etc., typically reaching above $30.

Location: Zumiez | Lakeforest Mall, Gaithersburg, MD

Location: Zumiez | Westfield Wheaton, Wheaton, MD

Herschel | $$$ | [ O N L I N E ]

Morgan poses for shot. | Samory Senh

Approximately all of their items sell for about $100, however, their bags are top of the line in terms of design, durability, and quality. Herschel recently launched a new line for durable and light raincoats.


Profound Co. | $$$ | [ O N L I N E ]

Profound Aesthetic is the gold mine of urban/vintage apparel, delivering master class apparel for every season. Items typically sell out quickly, even though prices are not convenient.

-Cide | $$$ | [ O N L I N E ]

Morgan can’t believe Salim’s options for urban outlets.| Samory Senh

Some 19-year-old genius built a small empire of jean jackets, jeans, and tees. -Cide items can range from $20 – $100+.

DSTLD | $$$ | [ O N L I N E ]

Formerly known as 20Jeans, DSTLD offers minimalist/urban apparel for both men and women. Prices all range under $100 but do not expect H&M prices.

Zara | $$$ | [ O N L I N E / I N S T O R E S ]

Fans get ready for the Caps game. | Samory Senh

Zara is taking over the fast-fashion industry by force, for a reason. Their style typically focuses on minimalist fashion for prices that’ll make your jaw drop. This is another outlet where you must keep an eye out for sales.

Location: Westfield Montgomery, Bethesda, MD

Mango | $$$ | [ O N L I N E ]

Practically equivalent to Zara in terms of what they offer for men & women [mostly women’s apparel], prices are practically the same as well. However, in terms of sales, there is currently 50% off on the Mango Women’s collection. Definitely worth scouting.