What is Going to Happen While Venus is in Retrograde?


(image credit: http://gostica.com/astrology/venus-retrograde-time-to-value-the-right-things/)

Venus, the ruling planet of love, grace, charm, and beauty, is currently in retrograde until April 15th.

Retrograde motion is an apparent change in the movement of a planet through the sky—the planet appears to be moving backward in its orbit in its relative position to the planet earth. When a planet goes into retrograde, the energies that planet is affiliated with reverse in daily life.

The planet Venus also houses the concern for harmony and unity, as well as a love of sensitivity and solidarity. Once Venus enters into retrograde, these factors in life begin to regress—it becomes difficult to express love and passion, or to feel its experience. Individuals will start thinking about the romantic fulfillment in their lives and whether they’ve been emotionally deprived or not. These types of thoughts will be dwelled on, therefore making these energies much more significant during this retrograde.

The Zodiac signs, Libra and Taurus which are ruled by Venus, will be far more impacted than the other zodiacs. It’s recommended these houses don’t follow any impulses or do anything that might damage relationships.

The next planet to go into retrograde will be overlapping Venus for six days. Mercury, the retrograde known for messing up everyone’s month, will start on April 9th and end on May 3rd.

How the retrograde will specifically affect the houses