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Throwback Thursday: Weekend shut-down–Letter to the Editor


March 20, 1972

As most any Montgomery College student can tell you, the biggest deficit of student life at M.C. is -a lack of any form of social life. While it is true that the main function of college is growth through education, social growth is also unmistakably necessary for the total growth of a person.

Many of us at Montgomery College are totally appalled at the lack of communication present among the NINE THOUSAND students at M.C. Many students complain of having few friends on campus and greatly desire to increase their sphere of friends. ‘

The campus administration contributes greatly to the presently deplorable conditions on this campus. The administration virtually shuts down this campus after 4 p.m. during the week and completely on the weekend.

Why can’t such facilities as the gym and the swimming pool be opened to M.C. students in the evenings and weekends when there are no classes using them? Why can’t the lounge and/or cafeteria be open for more mixers and coffee houses? Why can’t the library be opened to students Saturday night and Sunday?

If money is a problem, charge a nominal price for admission. I think people would pay for such opportunities to use these facilities, I would!

A volunteer student group could also be organized to staff the buildings during these activities. ‘

The Rockville campus of Montgomery College is truly a beautiful campus. But its facilities are idle at times when its students need and Want to use them. Remedy of this situation will help the students be more content and well-rounded individuals.


Chuck Hix

March 13, 1972


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