Throwback Thursday: Spring Break Suggestions


Priscille Diwa

Man, has our world changed. Not only in what we see today on the news but also where students have thought of spending their spring break. I’ve always thought that college students went to wild and exotic places for spring breaks such as Cancun, Panama City Beach, and Miami. However, that has not always been the case. Our tendency to party hard for Spring Break must have evolved over time.

On April 9th, 1992, Alice Scardua Conte, wrote an article suggesting where MC students could spend their spring break.

“Spring recess is approaching and many students might wonder how to spend these precious days everyone anxiously expects. Many gateways surround Maryland, and with its many resorts, hotels inns, and (the most preferred by students) bed and breakfasts.”

An infinite number of historical sites, parks, museums, historical cities, and events might be the choice of a large number of students. The majority might consider inviting several friends to join them during the school vacation.

If anyone decides to spend this coming holiday out of town, some planning could be helpful and save a substantial amount of money. If the spending the night out of town, one should choose an inn or bed and breakfast; the latter being less expensive. Reservations should be made well in advance to secure a vacant room. If you cannot secure reservations too far in advance because you are reading this now, do it for the summer break.

Getting there is another concern. Going by train (Amtrak) is one possibility if the town has a rail station. Otherwise, get a map, trace your directions, and share gas expenses with your friends. This will not only make your trip very reasonable but hopefully more pleasant.

Where to go; several events will take place during the spring recess such as the Cherry Blossoms festival. Amusement parks such as Busch Garden VA, Kings Dominion VA, Shenandoah VA open in the Spring, Luray Caverns is also a good choice; especially if you enjoy photography. A number of art galleries and museums will be open in town carrying a number of exhibits.

Several historical cities located near the Washington area are worth a visit also. Williamsburg, located about four hours from Washington, has many colonial buildings where actors and actress dress in special past century costumes and can be seen walking around the town. In addition, horse drawn carriage can be rented in the nearest town.”