Party Over Here!


This image is not from the article below, but is from one of the same year titled “Record Party on April 14th Promises Novel Entertainment”.

Tracks Night club was THEE place to be for college students. This article, written in 1951, recounts the good times college students had back in the day. Although it’s closed now, back then it was one of the livest place in DC.

“Many moons now the big hang out for the college crowd has been on Thursday. Tracks Night Club has hosted the largest college night club in Washington D.C. With Earic Pattern spinning at the turntables, colleges all over town have had students turn out in numbers. So when will we see you there? 

The format on Thursdays have evolved into a techno/progressive house scene in the main room and with Mohawk Adam in the video room, he’s groovin to the sounds of progressive and industrial music. The crowd has always played in numbers over two thousand people walking through the doors most around the ages between 18 and 25.

Most people think of Tracks as being a “gay” club, but don’t be fooled. Most people on Thursday about 90% are straight. We are all there to dance and have a good time.

Tracks has to be the best place to dance on Thursday. Earic Patten plays some of the best music to dance to, and, well, you probably know about Adam. Shawn Bannon does the most electrifying light show in the city with ten Intellabeams and strobes to make you throb. The faces are friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed. You end up finding yourself toe tappin to your favorite club song through the largest sound system (TURBOSOUND) on the East Coast, all night long.

The average party starts at 9:00 with an open bar until 10:30, and closes when the party is over, usually around 4a.m. It makes for a very long, kicking party.

There is ample parking, even secured parking for a price, and plenty of security to make you feel safe. Inside, there are plenty of staff to help you, even if you’re drunk, they are more than happy to grab you a cup of coffee. Make sure you bring your I.D., they are very good about checking your age, and walk around finding underage drinkers. You would have to since there are also police found around the club. But don’t let that scare you, the police are the coolest cops you will find in the city.

So come down to TRACKS. You won’t be disappointed. They are located at 1111 First St. SE in Washington DC. Take the Green line metro to the NAVY YARD station. Be sure to get out on the half street exit, and they are right across the street.”