Tips for Settling Back into the New Semester


Welcome back to the Spring Semester of 2016! Are you struggling to settle into the new semester? Here are some tips to help you out:

Arrive to class early: Going to class at an earlier time can save you from being late to class. Make a good impression on your professor by showing up 5-10 minutes before class actually starts.

Buy books ahead of time: Don’t want to wait in that long line at the MC book store on the first few days of classes? Do yourself a favor go over to blackboard and look at your syllabus ahead of time, your syllabus will have the textbooks you will need for the semester.

Get excited for the next few months of studying: If you have your class schedule settled in, stay organized by making time to study for classes. Don’t wait until you have exams to study. Each hour you have class, students should spend 2-3 hours they spend in that class to study. If your class is an hour, study two to three hours, or cut it into a fraction of a time by spreading your study time during the week. For more information go to Study Time. Having trouble studying? These are some tips that may help you on how to study.

Get a planner: Having a planner can help you stay organized. An example would be, write on your planner that you have class from 1:00-2:00, and study time from 3:00-5:00 and anything else that you may have to do for the day. Putting it in your planner will help motivate you to actually do it.

Look at blackboard constantly or be aware of what’s on your syllabus: A helpful tip is make sure you are always looking under your course content and announcements to see if anything is posted. Your syllabus is a life saver, as long as you have done everything your professor has put on your syllabus, you should be in the clear.

EAT!: Bring a decent lunch or a healthy, satisfying snack or two to help you out during the day. This will help you focus a bit more, because the right amount of sugar can help get your brain going. Don’t forget to eat healthy!

Figure out where free tutoring is available: Having trouble in a class? Don’t sweat it! On the Rockville Campus alone there are plenty of opportunities for you to get help when you need it. An example would be is the writing center. The writing center has tutors to help students with their essays. Not only is there a writing center, but there is a Math & Science Center where a student can go to get help in math and science. If you need help in other classes, there is a chance that flyers are posted around campus on where you can get help.

Beat the parking rush: Drove to school but barley made it on time for class? We all know parking is a struggle for students and faculty. Coming to school 20-30 minutes earlier is a real time saver for when you have to circle around campus to find a parking space. Boy oh boy, are we glad that the school is getting a parking garage!

Caffeine is your best friend: That perfect cup of coffee or tea in the morning can really help a person throughout the day. It keeps you awake, and gives you a kick to get through the day.