Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas


Ah Halloween! Costumes vary from adorable Disney princesses to psycho serial killers to clever couples costumes. This is the time to be creative! The pressure to have a bomb.com costume can be too much however. You can buy very overpriced Halloween costumes or create a DIY costume. Just search Google, you will get infinite results and pictures to give you tons of Halloween inspiration. Here are 7 types of Halloween costume ideas to start you off!

1) The cutesy costume: This costume is about looking cute or sexy with minimal to zero scare factor.

Example: Sugar Skull

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2) The classic costume: This costume is anything that makes you think of Halloween (vampires, black cats etc.) Feel free to throw in something extra to spice up your look.

Example: Cat

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3) The creepy costume: This speaks for itself.

Example: Ventriloquist Dummy

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4) The pop culture costume: This is a costume that is trendy, relates to a current event or something well-known. It can be a person, place or thing. These can be extremely entertaining.

Example: #Don’tJudgeChallenge/Botched Before and After

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Emojis (Crying Emoji):

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Note: This would be awesome as a group costume

5) The very creative, very artsy costume: This costume usually focuses on make-up but you do not have to be a pro to pull it off. Put your ultimate DIY skills to the test and have fun!

Example: Pop Art

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6) The funny/punny costume: These are clever costumes and great if you want a few laughs during the night.

Example: Pig in a Blanket

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7) The minimalistic costume: This is for people who do not want to put too much effort into their Halloween costume. Any costume idea can become minimalistic depending on how much time you put into the overall look.


A Mouse….DUH (aka Karen from Mean Girls):

this is an image this is an image

Kylie Jenner:

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The possibilities are endless, so get your Pinterest on, turn on those YouTube tutorials and have fun. Your Halloween costume this year is going to be killer!