Throwback Thursday: Research Shows Drugs Obtainable in Local Area


Ever wondered how easy it was to get pot in the 70’s? Turns out, it was pretty easy. This Throwback Thursday article, posted on May 28th, 1970, is about how simple it was to obtain pot here in the 70’s. The writer actually went out and did research in the field; I will not be doing so, for obvious reasons. Hopefully you’ll enjoy regardless!

The last page of the newspaper printed on May 28, 1970

Research Shows Drugs Are Obtainable In Local Area

(Editor’s Note: The writer’s name is being withheld for personal reasons.)

Stimulating sounds in an open air atmosphere tended to free one’s mind of worries at the outdoor concert held recently at MC. But I spoke with fifteen people who freed their minds another way. They lit up to the Lighthouse. Remembering my journalism professor’s continual reminder to do research to find the news, I decided to go out on my own to find out just how easy it is to buy pot in this area.

My first bit of research meant finding the ages of people who were smoking. Of the fifteen people I spoke with, twelve were in high school and three attended college. Ten had been using pot for over a year, the other five for less than a year. Most of the users said that they paid $5 for the pot. One paid $12. During the conversations I managed to get two first names; the other refused to offer an identity.

On Friday after the concert I decided to try my luck at one of the local high schools to see if the “stuff” is as easily obtainable as I had heard. I didn’t have much luck, but it was there. That was obvious. Probably because I was a stranger, most of the students had second thoughts about revealing any positive information. I had the feeling that perhaps they thought I was an agent. From almost all of the students I talked to, I learned basically the same thing: it is quite easy to get the stuff in high school except you have to be known or you have to know someone who will verify on the level and not a “narc.” After walking through four high schools and getting nowhere, I decided to try a different approach.

Contacting a friend of mine who knows someone who sells pot, I asked if it were possible that I meet the seller. I was told to go to a certain public place and wait. No one showed up. Later I learned that the seller had left town for various reasons. However, I did learn from my friend that pot was sold by the seller, whom I was supposed to meet, for anywhere from a nickel’s worth ($5) up to $30 a bag. This I later learned was the typical price. The grade of stuff depended on the seller.

I worked my research for four days and during this time I learned that it is easy to purchase pot in the high schools, if you know someone there. I also discovered that a great deal of the pot in this area comes from the southern United States and that once it arrives here, the price is jacked up quite a bit.

I didn’t purchase any of the drug. I never really intended to.

(The information attained in this report was done without the people knowing I was from this newspaper. I left out some of the information I acquired and some of the things I saw for my protection as well as for the protection of some of the pot users I spoke with.)