The Advocate is Looking for Artists


The Montgomery Advocate is looking for artists, dancers and musicians to feature on our website! If you’re interested in being photographed and interviewed for the advocate, please contact us at [email protected]

Here are the staff members who will be interviewing and photographing you for the Advocate!

Jarata Jaffa











I am a writer, video editor, and hip hop dancer. I was born and raised in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. I have a passion for the arts; whether it’s dancing, fashion, composing music, or writing. I have been dancing and writing music since the fifth grade. One of my dreams is to help another person’s dreams come true, after I have achieved my own. My current goal is to get into the entertainment business: to become a choreographer and music manager. After I graduate from Montgomery College I hope to transfer to a business school, have the opportunity to study abroad, and experience music from different places around the world. Currently I’m focusing on school, my youtube channel that is centered around beauty and lifestyle, and working towards making my dreams a reality.

You can view my youtube page here.






Lauren Bulbin


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I am a photographer, designer and artist born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area. I started taking photographs professionally at the age of seventeen. At the same time, I graduated high school, started my own street wear collective designing jewelry, t-shirts and accessories, and attended classes at the Washington School of Photography. After spending several years studying photography, working a day job and working as a photographer any chance I could, I went back to school to study my craft more intensively. I found myself at Montgomery College. I’m still studying now, while continuing to work as freelance photographer and continuing to maintain my street wear collective, Lauren Joan.

To me great photography is not just about capturing moments, it’s about conveying the atmosphere or feeling of the subject.

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You can view more of my work at