Humans Of MC: Mark Loock

(Photo Credit: Devaughn Phillip)



Mark Loock

“I go to school in Colorado, so I’m taking a semester off to save up some money. While I’m working, I just decided to take a class to work towards graduation, and I wanted to get it done as quickly as possible. I’m taking a couple of sociology courses to go towards my sociology minor, and I hope to get good grades and get the credits to transfer to the other school so when I go back I don’t just waste all my time when I was gone.”

So what are you working towards while you’re here?

“I’m a history major in Colorado, so technically I’m still undecided here but I guess I’m minoring in sociology.”

What are some differences between this school and in Colorado?

“The people are definitely different. I’ve always noticed growing up here people are just most intense, they have somewhere to be all the time and are very regimented in what they do. You know, even driving. I always get pissed off whenever I drive here because everybody all over the place. It’s definitely different.”

What have you noticed, in your hour here that has caught your eye? Maybe something uniquely from this campus?

“Well, the buildings are all the same color.”

If there’s one thing you can say about you, maybe a quote, what would you say?

“Don’t let anybody push you around. Mark Loock, 2015.”