Raptor Week Spring 2022. Student Richa D’Mello Shares Why it is Important to participate in Montgomery College Events.

Ariane Smenez hammers a metal stamp to make a personalized bracelet by hammering a metal stamp into a metal disc on Wednesday, January 26, 2022.

Danielle Costa and Michael Hyman

The Montgomery College Raptor Week Spring 2022 hosted by The Office of Student Life took place during the last week of January 2022. During this week, students, faculty, staff, and community members were able to participate and engage with each other in diverse online and in-person events around all MC campuses.

Montgomery College has been working hard in the past two years to keep its students engaged and receiving the full college experience they deserve. In 2022, thanks to the positive response from the population to the vaccine and the decreased reports of COVID-19 infections, MC students were welcomed back in person on campus. The Raptor Week was specially designed to give this warming welcome back and keep offering a safe and fun community to all MC students, faculty, and staff.

Rockville student and Advocate writer, Richa D’Mello, participated in both the Welcome Week Build-A-Bear event and Bracelet-Making event. She shares some highlights and her takeaways from participating in these events. She says, “I got a Koala from Build-A-Bear, and I made friends that day that have become very close to me!” She continues, “I realized we either took courses together or were part of the same club so we got familiar with each other pretty quick.”

Participating in student events can help students not only make friendships but also help them to slow down from the classes and assignment routines and just have fun learning something new. D’Mello also adds, “The bracelet-making event was very interesting too. It was hands-on and meaningful. We were made to choose a word that was special to us and engrave it into a beautiful metal disk that became the pendant for a bracelet we got to take home.”

Check out the coverage from this special week taken by Advocate photographer: MICHAEL HYMAN

Students can keep up with all the events happening on all the campuses by accessing the Students Life website, or social media channels regularly.

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