From Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, Colombia and all the Spanish-speaking countries around the world comes Montgomery College’s Latino Student Union.

“LSU is all about embracing Hispanic heritage and sharing our ideas and values through dancing, events, and political forms,” said Simon Molina, founder and president of the L.S.U. Club.

Latinos, known for their culture, food and diversity, come together and meet on Mondays at the Rockville campus to share their values and common interests and goals. Although the club closed years back, the reopening of it has made a big impact on the students.

“Since we opened, we have more people, we have [more] opportunity to talk and get to know everybody that is here,” says Miguel Casique, vice president of the L.S.U. Club.

According to Casique, the goal of the club is to promote the identity and unity of Latino students, letting people know that the Latinos are happy people and are here to help everyone.

“As a group of Latin Americans who came to this country for a better life, we keep a sense of home in the United States so others can learn about our culture,” said Molina.

The club has been up and running for a couple of years now and continues to do so. “This club is very popular among the students here,” said Nicole Bautista, student life receptionist at the Rockville campus.

The club also hosts events for people to join and see a different perspective of the Latino community. “We just had our first individual event, called the Americans Fiesta in November, where we held a dance workshop,” said Molina.
Molina goes on to mention an event happening next year, where club members will travel to Florida for a political meeting with students interested in politics, criminal justice, communication and history.

“We will meet senators, congressmen, and other political leaders from Venezuela and Colombia,” said Molina.

The club does not only welcome Hispanic students but it welcomes everyone no matter their background.

“We would love to have everyone who is not Latino and have the opportunity to know our heritage and enjoy our music,” said Casique.