Not Enough Options for Vegetarians/Vegans at MC Cafe?


As for vegetarians, there is a pretty good range of food available to them, although limited. There are cheese quesadillas and veggie burgers served hot and made to order in the cafe kitchen. There are also a few salad options available, although most of them include meat. There’s even vegetarian sushi made fresh every day, although there are only one or two options that do not have fish and they frequently seem to be not available. I spoke to MC Cafe employee, Mang, who prepares the sushi for students. “It’s made fresh every day,” she says. When I asked if the vegetarian options were made in fewer quantities than others, she assured me that “how we make it is not based on anything; we make the same amount of everything.” Perhaps there are just more vegetarians on campus than anticipated.

As for vegans, the range is a lot smaller. Most small snacks available for a quick bite are things like yogurt and granola bars which contain milk and honey as ingredients. Any and all of the salads that don’t have meat in them do have cheese, and there isn’t much available for vegans from the cafe kitchen. Outside of fruits, veggies, and veggie sushi, vegans at MC don’t have much of a choice at the MC Cafe.

If you have ever been to the MC Cafe would know there’s something for just about anything you could be craving whether it be coffee, croissants, pizza, sushi or fried chicken. But it seems they seem to be lacking many vegan and vegetarian options.

This, of course, is to no fault of the MC Cafe workers—but if someone is a vegetarian, vegan or just a veggie lover, let the school officials know that you’d like to see a change! One of the many great things about Montgomery College is that when it’s students have something to say, the school listens.