Experiencing the Taste of D.C.

Affordable food and drinks, live music, walking zombies, and free stuff were all present at the Taste of D.C., which is a yearly event that offers local residents and visitors the opportunity to buy small servings of different cuisines Washington D.C. restaurants have to offer. The event lasted three days from Saturday, Oct. 6 through Monday, Oct. 8.

As a first timer, I had no idea what to expect other than good food. The weather wasn’t too cozy on Monday, almost forcing me to miss the event. But after finding some winter clothes to wear, I was out the door.

My best friend, Eileen, was my date and also my ride. Traffic wasn’t too bad on the way there. Parking did make us sweat a little with so many “One Way” signals. Fortunately we found a $5 parking lot close to one of the entrances of Taste of D.C.

Eileen, also a first timer, was very excited to see what Taste of D.C. was all about. Since I only had about 90 minutes to enjoy the event before work, Eileen and I decided to walk around the whole area and check out the food available before purchasing anything.

Eileen purchased two tacos from the Chupacabra Taqueria food truck. She also bought “Chilled Peel ‘N Eat Shrimp” from Blackbyrd restaurant. I only ordered a cheeseburger with fries from the Diner Satellite Room. And to satisfy my sweet tooth, I bought two chocolate chip cookies from CakeLove.

With not having eaten breakfast and more time to spare, I would have tried at least 5 more plates to enjoy the experience a little more. I can’t deny that I had fun though. Eileen and I ended up having two extra free drinks, on top of the complimentary free drink that came with each ticket — a family gave us four extra coupons on their way out. And to continue the good karma, Eileen and I decided to give away our last two extra drink coupons on our way out.

Taste of D.C. is definitely an event for everyone to enjoy. After all, food is one of the common grounds in society. I’m sure there was at least one plate for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their ethnic background or eating diet.