Ways to Save Money in Your Time at MC


    As a broke college student, it’s no secret that not just earning, but saving money is hard to do when trying to get an education. It seems that everyone outside of your situation is giving the same, obvious advice, “Save your money!” But it’s really not that simple. However, you might be capable of holding onto your money in ways you’ve never thought of.

    First things first, I know a lot of us who don’t have cars idealize going anywhere we want anytime we want—but as far as being on campus, or even just the Rockville area, the bus is the most cost-efficient way to go. Not only are you saving money on gas, but your MC ID gets you anywhere in Montgomery county for free. Even if you already have a car, using the bus to get to and from school will keep gas money in your pocket for other adventures, and with over 100 Ride on Routes available, there’s sure to be a bus or two that can get you to and from your in a timely fashion.

    The crazy thing about textbooks is that a few of them can cost a whole car payment. But one thing not many of us know about is something brand new to the MC bookstore, electronic textbooks! eBooks are offered as a purchasable PDF you can download to your computer, tablet or phone for a fraction of the cost of an actual book, they’re even cheaper than renting used versions! Although this is a great new option, not every class textbook comes with this option, so keep your eyes peeled and ask an MC bookstore employee for more info.

    This last tip throws it back to middle school a little bit, but it can really help hold onto money easier so you have more to spend on your weekend activities- packing a lunch. I know it sounds miserable and juvenile, but fast food once or twice a day for 3-5 days a week, depending on how many classes you take, can really add up. Even if just once or twice a week, a bagged lunch is a cost efficient way to keep more money in your pocket than you might think. And with the great weather, you can take advantage of one of the many great places to sit outside on campus and form a little quasi-picnic with your friends between classes, and interesting atmosphere alternative to the cafeteria.

    There, now you have some actual, feasible tips on how to save some money on and off campus. Don’t stop here, explore more, because there’s plenty out there.