Student Vlogs at MC

    Introducing ‘MC Voices’

    Isabel Rockwood

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    Student Vlogs at MC

    A highly regarded aspect of Montgomery College is the multitude of outlets that promote student individuality through self-expression. One of these outlets is a facet of voices itself, called The MC Voices.

    The bloggers and vloggers of “MC Voices” share their journeys as college students by offering advice, talking about their personal stories, and discussing the unique MC experience with their viewers. With titles such as “You Can Pass Your Math Class!” and “The Art of Studying”.

    The posts help solve the issues where prospective MC students would be lost without much of an idea what MC is like. The MC bloggers, who are in whole, a collection of the average MC students, help explain the complexities that might otherwise be delivered with confusing and uninteresting content. “What better way to get information and truths than right from the student?” said the MC Voices coordinator and adviser, Jane Abraham, on what she hopes to fulfill with the MC Voices platform.

    “There are enough stressors that come with being a student in general, however, there are also other things outside of school that happens to us,” said one of the MC Voices contributor, Daniel Lainez. “The vlogs and blogs are also made to show what resources and opportunities that Montgomery College offers to its diverse range of students.”

    The platform originally existed as the MC bloggers, who also created and uploaded content weekly—but as social media changed, so did the platform.

    “The idea to have video bloggers was actually discussed one full year before it began October 2, 2016,” said Jane Abraham. The MC Voices are comprised of eight selected individuals out of about 100 applicants who demonstrate “a great deal of technical savvy, creativity, and excellent content,” said Daniel Lainez. “Since I make YouTube videos as a hobby, I love making the vlogs and sharing my voice across an entire community of students and teachers.”

    In these vlogs and blogs, the viewer gets to share the moments when these students are in distress from talking about how to study, dealing with family life and school, and even dying their hair.  They truly wish to give their complete knowledge and wisdom to help other students and to wish the best of luck to whoever needs it.