Throwback Thursday: MC-R Security Changes Procedures

The Advocate has a long, long history. It has gone through many names such as the Knight’s Quest, the Spur, and finally, the Advocate. We have an abundance of old newspapers chronicling events at MC all the back from 1947. We’ve decided to try and give you a glimpse of what was happening in the past around this time. The article is annotated for what is still true today. We hope you enjoy it! Here’s one from the Spur on Sept. 27, 1988:
The front page of the Spur from Sept. 27, 1988

MC-R Security Changes Procedures

by Michele Jones, SPUR Editor in Chief

Hoping to ensure a safe and successful school year, Safety and Security Supervisor Tim Duff wants to make students aware of changes in location, policies, procedures.

Moving from the Student Services building to the Counseling and Advising Building (C.A.B.), the security office now resides in room 101. According to Duff, students may obtain parking decals at this office.

However, the security office also offers student services. Anytime students need jump-starts**, medical emergency help**, assistance for the handicapped**, or opening locked cars**, they may contact security at 278-5111* or 279-5112 according Duff.

Security Officer Trainee Cheryl Preston contends, “We try to direct them [students] (sic) to the right place or person that can help.”

“If anybody needs to talk about other security concerns, he/she can come to my office and talk to me directly,” say Duff. He hopes students take advantage of his “open-door policy.”

According to Duff, policies regarding parking decals changed. “We’re going to start enforcing this year that every student (must) have a decal.” By enforcing this policy, he hopes to eliminate commuters using MC-R’s lot to avoid paying for METRO parking.

To receive a decal, students need to complete a registration form. “I want to emphasize that the decals are already paid for, you pay for them in your consolidation fee,” says Duff. Futhermore, students may register as many vehicles as they wish.

Other changes in MC-R’s security policies include towing. According to Duff, “cars parked without authorization in roadways, fire lanes, pedestrian walkways, handicapped commercial and reserved areas are subject to towing. Towing is enforced on the campus, and we’ve towed four vehicles out of the roadway because they blocked access to the parking lot.”

Strict enforcement of towing applies to students with excessive violations, says Duff. “On the fourth ticket we can tow. Students will also be sent to the Dean of Students to discuss their behavior.”

However, an appeal process does exist for students who question the accuracy of an alleged violation. Students may come to office 101 to appeal, says Duff, “it goes before a board which is comprised of one student, one regular staff member, and a faculty member. The security office does not have a position on the board.”***

Installation of a new lighting system this summer in lots 4, 11, and 12 may help deter crime, according to Preston. “The lights come on at dusk/ Lots 11 and 12 stay on all night. Lot 4 the lights go out after everyone has left campus,” says Duff.**** Furthermore, “there are emergency phones in the parking lot, should anybody run into a problem.”

The addition of a four-way stop sign at N. Campus Drive may present a problem to returning students according to Duff. “I want students to take extra care at that intersection because returning students tend not to see that stop sign because it’s new.” He hopes students will be aware and take a little extra caution.

Awareness of security officer authority may also result due to the changes in policy, according to Security Officer 1 Gabrielle Aquilino. “I think students will take us more seriously.”

However, new policies concern MC-R sophomore Anabel Quintero. “I think students should be informed about the new policies, especially night students, because they’re usually working people and don’t concern themselves with campus activities.”

MC-R sophomore Anju Gupta says, “I think the services they [security] offer are great.” However, she thinks a larger parking lot should exist, or priority parking for returning students.

According to MC-R sophomore Jeff Dutky, MC-R’s current security policies seem fair. “I’m all for towing when people park in handicapped spaces. I think (that) in many places there’s not enough enforcement.” Concerning decals and student registration, Dutky says, “it seems sensible to me that all students should register their vehicles.”

To receive information concerning new traffic regulations and new policies, students should come to room 101 in the C.A.B Building.


**According to Officer Godley from the Security department, jump starts are no longer offered due to liability issues. For medical emergencies, they will contact EMTs and get the student safe and secure as soon as possible. Assistance for the handicapped is still available. As far as keys locked in cars go, they will contact Rockville City and work with them to get your keys back.

***The Office of Security no longer handles parking. Instead, it has been allocated to Mark Pace, who can be contacted at [email protected] or 240-567-4213

****All parkings lots should now have adequate lighting all night long, and security is constantly present.