The Advocate’s Perspective of the Protests in Baltimore


Tuesday ,April 28: Peace Protesting in Baltimore (Photo Credit: Peter Langer)

Many news publications and networks have conveyed violent, aggressive, and sometimes biased perspectives from the recent protests and riots in Baltimore, Md. over the last week or so.

A group of four Advocate journalists, Alex Mallett (Editor-in-Chief), Ben Holmes (staff writer), Dubray Kinney (staff writer), and Peter Langer (staff photographer), went to Baltimore on Tuesday afternoon to cover the protests and surrounding mood in the city.

From the National Guard’s heavy presence in the downtown inner harbor, to organized marches with chants of “hands up, don’t shoot,” being up close to historical tension and a contrast from normal American city environment was something not easily put into words.

It was certainly more than worth the trip up to Baltimore to cover the beat, no matter which side of the social debates one sides with. The staff did its best to illustrate the most meaningful images our photographers were able to shoot: