A Game of Clubs

Are you interested in joining a club? Have extra time on your hands? Maybe you’d be interested in meeting new people or simply becoming more involved on campus. Consider joining one of the clubs offered through the Office of Student Life (OSL).


The OSL serves as an umbrella for the clubs at the MC Rockville. They are central to overseeing the the 50+ clubs offered.


Why join a club? According to Melgosa, “clubs represent vast diversity and interests students have, it is also an outlet for expression.” If you find that you are interested in a lot of hobbies, joining a club or organization might be how you can direct your interests into something both fun and constructive.


If students don’t like any of the clubs available on campus they’re free to start start their own. The process starts with filling out a slip stating your reasons as to why the club would be worth joining, you then find five devoted students who are interested in committing to your club and an advisor who would serve as an overseer. Finally a meeting with Mr. Melgosa, and from there you’re in business.


“I encourage people to be persistent” states Mr. Melgosa. If you’re planning to join a club be determined and consistent in your efforts to keep up with the clubs affiliations and you’re sure to experience loads of new opportunities and meet wonderful people. Melgosa also states “Clubs are central to group work” which help to build both relationships and certain skills required to teamwork.


Many of MC’s attendants feel burdened and overwhelmed, OSL tries to eliminate some of the stress by offering what Jane Ssemanda, coordinator of the leadership program at MC Rockville calls “life outside the classroom.”


“As of right now the Office of Student Life is right where it needs to be” says Melgosa and their efforts are more than evident. They promote room for enhancement and self-improvement. Take the opportunity to become involved and you’ll see the benefits of being a part of a club here on campus.