Number Of Children Not Vaccinated In Maryland Increasing


(Art Credit: Alla Bliskovsky)

There are an increasing number of children enrolling into primary school without a full immunization record. Parents are worried with the potential side effects vaccines like Varicella, Measles and Mumps may have. The most worrying virus is Measles, a highly contagious.

The Maryland Public Health Data shows that 32.9 percent of children between 19 and 35 months don’t have a full immunization record.

Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D, American physician and public health administrator states that there are an alarming number of measles cases in Maryland. Because measles vaccines are FDA approved, they’re safe and effective. The likelihood of developing a side effect is extremely rare; Over 95 percent of people who receive a single dose of the vaccine develop full immunity from the virus.

Montgomery College sophomore, Michael Kissiedu, expressed his concern with liberal parents’ decision to not get their children vaccinated. Kissiedu described his parents as being traditional and with good reason. Vaccines are essential for infants to be protected against many diseases and viruses. If a child is enrolled in a school and has not taken the proper precautions, that child then puts everyone they’re around at risk of infection.

According to, “The protection provided by vaccines far outweighs the very small risk of serious problems. Vaccines have made many serious childhood diseases rare today.” In other words, the benefits triumph the costs of the vaccination.

That, in turn, negates much of the controversy and paranoia surrounding the subject of these vaccines from the parents’ perspective.


As of 2012, Maryland's percentage of children aged 19-35 months without all immunizations was 32.9 percent (via
As of 2012, Maryland’s percentage of children aged 19-35 months without all immunizations was 32.9 percent (via