Daniel’s Decisions: Superbowl Edition


Superbowl XLVIII

It is very difficult to compare these two teams because of all the similarities they share. Both teams floundered to start the season, but picked things up during the middle of the season, and went on key stretch runs where they appeared unstoppable.

So, who has the advantage at each key position?


Quarterback: Russell Wilson vs. Tom Brady. The edge goes to the Patriots, due in large part of Brady’s postseason success and veteran leadership.


Running back: Marshawn Lynch vs. revolving door. The edge goes to the Seahawks, due to the fact that they have a stable and elite running back who is a handful to bring down.


Wide Receiver: Edelman/Amendola vs. Kearse/Baldwin. The edge goes to the Patriots, not by much, but simply because of the quarterback that is throwing to them.


Tight End: Luke Willson vs. Rob Gronkowski. The edge goes to the Patriots, just the name Rob Gronkowski gives them the edge.


O-Line: The edge goes to the Patriots, due to the fact New England has a veteran line, while offensive line is a glaring weak point for Seattle.


D-Line: Tie, both teams possess strong defensive linemen, including Vince Wilfork (NE), Chandler Jones (NE), Michael Bennett (Sea), and Kevin Williams (Sea).


Linebacker: Tie, both Seattle and New England have two of the strongest linebacking corps in the entire NFL.


Defensive backs: The edge goes to New England. If Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas were not banged up, the edge would have been given to Seattle.


Special Teams: The edge goes to the Patriots. Having an All-Pro kicker in Gostkowski, and specialist Matthew Slater, there is more trust in the Patriots special teams.


Coaching: Pete Carroll vs. Bill Belichick. The edge goes to the Patriots. Belichick is a sure-fire Hall of Famer (if his credentials are not tainted by the “cheating” that has happened over the years)



Even though the Patriots have more “edges” when comparing the two teams, I still believe Seattle will win this game due to the difference in the running game. Let’s face it, neither passing offense will be much of a threat to either team, considering the secondary and receiving corps of both squads. Thus, it comes down to who has a more reliable running attack and running defense. Marshawn Lynch is still an elite running back, and I put more faith in that than I do in whoever the Patriots decide to throw out there.

Final Score: New England 23 Seattle 27